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Dental Advice for College Freshmen

Dental Advice for College Freshmen

If you are heading to college in the fall, don’t forget to schedule a dental cleaning and checkup before you leave. This helps ensure that you have a healthy smile so that you can make a great first impression as a freshman. Since we want you to have healthy teeth throughout your life, including during this exciting time, here is some last-minute advice from your favorite dentist!

Eat for Healthy Teeth

College will keep you busy with classes, exams, activities and more, so you might be tempted to cut corners when it comes to nutrition by snacking on sweets that are quick to eat or relying on fast food. Instead of doing that, we encourage you to eat healthy foods that keep your teeth in good condition. 

  • Healthy snacks: You can snack on carrot sticks, cheese, apples and other foods that help your teeth stay strong and clean, and skip sugary and starchy foods that make it easy for bacteria to build up. 
  • Beverages: If you'll be relying on coffee or tea for energy in college, consider using a straw to keep it from directly touching your teeth and leaving stains on them. 
  • Chewing gum: Sugar-free gum helps ensure that your mouth has enough saliva to get rid of bacteria. Consider chewing on a piece when you’re in the mood for sweets or other unhealthy snacks.

Beverages: If you'll be relying on coffee or tea for energy in college, consider using a straw to keep it from directly touching your teeth and leaving stains on them.

Watch Your Wisdom Teeth

You’re at the age where your wisdom teeth might start to bother you. If this happens, you might need to end up having them removed to prevent problems from developing. How do you know if you have wisdom teeth that need to come out? If you have soreness at the back of your jaw, which is where your wisdom teeth are located, this could mean that impacted wisdom teeth are causing infections. These teeth can become impacted if you don’t have enough room in your jaws for them to fully come through your gums. If you don’t have them taken out, they can end up causing ongoing infections, headaches, damage to the molars next to them, earaches and facial pain. You can also develop cysts or end up with alignment problems in your jaws from impacted wisdom teeth. 

Schedule Regular Checkups

One of the best things you can do for your teeth is come in for routine cleanings and checkups. You should have these twice a year, so plan accordingly when you’re figuring out your schedule. These cleanings get rid of plaque on your teeth, reducing your risk of needing to make any unexpected trips to see us due to dental problems. During these exams, we’ll also have a chance to check for any signs of trouble with your teeth that might need to be taken care of early so that you won’t miss out on any college activities. 

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From everyone at Wright Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, good luck in the new school year! We’re rooting for you! Contact us today before hitting the books for an appointment.