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What to Do When Kids Start Losing Their Baby Teeth

What to Do When Kids Start Losing Their Baby Teeth

Losing baby teeth is an exciting time for kids. It means they’re becoming big kids and getting their permanent teeth! Although you went through this experience as a child, you probably don’t remember too much about it. As a parent, your focus now is on helping your kids with their loose teeth. Keep the following information in mind to guide your kids through this experience.  

When Do Kids Lose Teeth?

This varies from one child to the next, but kids are usually around 6 years old when they lose their first tooth. If your kids got their baby teeth early, there’s a chance that they might start losing baby teeth earlier as well. Your kids might lose a couple of teeth around the same time at first, but it takes years for all of their baby teeth to fall out. The first teeth to fall out are usually the incisors in the front of the mouth. 

How Can I Help My Kids?

If your kids are nervous about having loose teeth, you can remind them about what happens when they fall out. They’ll be getting a surprise from the tooth fairy under their pillow! Share the story of the tooth fairy with your kids, which we covered in our recent blog post, to get them excited about this upcoming visit. 

The first teeth to fall out are usually the incisors in the front of the mouth.

Should I Pull Loose Teeth Out?

Give your kids’ loose teeth a chance to fall out on their own. In some cases, this can take a few months to happen. You can gently move the loose teeth around, but don’t pull them out until they’re ready to go. Pulling teeth out early isn’t good for your kids’ dental health. If there’s a stubborn tooth hanging on, you can grab it with a tissue and give it a firm pull to remove it if your child lets you. 

What Should My Kids Eat?

Your kids might prefer eating softer foods that they don’t have to chew, especially if they have more than one loose tooth. Keep in mind that if they do have crunchy or sticky foods when a tooth is very loose, such as peanut butter or apples, these foods might end up pulling the tooth out. If your kids’ teeth are slightly loose, apples and other crunchy fruits can help loosen them a bit.

Should My Kids See the Dentist?

If you have any concerns about loose teeth, such as baby teeth that might be loose due to an injury, bring your child in to see our kids' dentist. We’ll make sure your child’s baby teeth are in good condition and fix any injuries if needed.

If your kids need dental care or if your child has a problem with one or more baby teeth, please contact Wright Smiles for an appointment with our pediatric dentist. We’re accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you!

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