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The Role Parents Play in Kids' Dental Experiences

The Role Parents Play in Kids' Dental Experiences

Surprisingly, many adults are more frightened of their dentist than their children. These same adults play an important role in how well their children behave and follow the dentist's instructions. Before children get their first toothache, or tooth extraction, they should be well acquainted with their pediatric dentist. Building a patient-child relationship is not easy, but parents can help strengthen the trust between the pediatric dentist and the child.

Wright Smiles Pediatric Dentistry offer both children and their parents a friendly and caring environment. Parents feel welcome when they walk through the doors, and their children will, too. Children often get their cues of how to act from their parents. If the parents are fearful and uneasy, children will notice this tension, and react accordingly.

Visiting the dentist is a natural first step toward great oral care. From a child’s prospective, a trip to the kid’s dentist is usually associated with fear and pain; even some adults feel this way. The first trip to the dentist is scary, but as children visit their dentist on a regular basis, that fear should subside. For this reason, parents should consider taking their children to the Kids' Dentist at an early age.

When children get their first tooth, they should be sitting in the dentist chair, getting an exam, X-rays, and fluoride. The more visits children have under their belts, the easier it is for them to accept treatment. Here are a few tips to ensure that the dentist/child/parent relationship reminds in tact, even if the first visit does not go as well as expected.

Preparing for a kids' first visit.

Keep it Nice and Simple

Children do not understand technical terms, so parents should avoid using high-tech terms. Try to be as honest as possible, without sounding overly optimistic. If children are going for a check-up or an X-ray, explain step-by-step as much as possible what to expect. Start with the big comfortable chairs, the shiny metal objects, and end with how this experience is going to make their teeth look and feel better.

Avoid Giving Children False Hope

As much as parents want to protect their children from pain and bad experiences, this is not always possible. Never tell children that their experience is going to be painless or pleasant. This will create a false security for children, and they may develop a distrust for both dentists and adults.

Start Simple Dental Care At Home

The surest way to prepare children for their first visit is to perform a mock dentist visit at home. Role-playing will prepare children for their first visit. Role-playing will also allow them to become familiar with dentist, the tools the dentist use, and what the dentist does.

When children become familiar with a new idea, or new surroundings, they are more acceptable to opening up, expressing their feelings, and showing some interest. Buy a toothbrush, toothpaste, a small child safety mirror, and a pair of gloves, and let the children be the dentist for a day.